this is the color of my room

hello, random internet vagabond. i'm czar carbonel from manila, philippines. nice to meet ya!

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there is so much to learn. but i am too craven to choose a path and let go of the other beauties of the world. should it always be that way? yes, because time is scarce.

which then do i choose

the field of art? to be always in the inspired, nirvanic state, stoned with human emotions. the self—sexed, deviant, self-destructive, starving. to fill my room with the smell of linseed oil and turpentine. and a-scattered on the floor are unfinished poems of pompous words and ideas.
i will be enamored with my creations. and my artworks will stare back at me.

or the other side? understanding rationality, singularity, and the philosophy in technological forecasting. learning and loving the rigidness of artificial intelligence. where logic is my poetry. and eliezer yudkowsky is my e.e. cummings.

or the simple happiness of a socialized life?

fuck time.

Philosophers have had a license to pursue whatever inquiry they found interesting, and according to one popular view (among philosophers) it is this freedom that has given birth to the individual sciences, one after another, and provided an environment in which they could develop into independent disciplines. It is natural that we should once again turn to philosophy and ask her to lend us her old cradle to this newest infant. Let it not be objected that the proposed subject-matter is not objective or “academic” enough. There is a philosophy of politics, a philosophy of religion, there is ethics and even a philosophy of art; it would be odd, then, if the philosophy of technological prediction (for want of a better name yet) would be too subjective to be academically acceptable. It can be as enmeshed with science as one could possibly wish.

Nick Bostrom



To celebrate Nestle’s centennial year in the Philippines, Nescafe is hosting the  “Simple Shots, Simple Joys” video promo. 

The promo is open to all passionate video makers, students included. Participants have an option to choose which category to enter in: the general video category or the student category. Each category has a running theme, which the participants need to execute in their videos.

  • General Category Theme: Who or what inspires you?
  • Student Category Theme:  Inspiring life’s simple joys

The only requirement for all entries is to include a shot of the red Nescafé centennial mug to start and end the videos. 
Each video entry should have a running time of 15 to 45 seconds. 

A total of P150, 000 worth of prizes is at stake. Here are the deadlines for both categories:

  • Submission of entries for student category: July 20-August 18, 2011
  • Submission of entries for general category: August 4-18, 2011

Like the Nescafe Facebook for more details!


Reblog and lemme know why you want to see Incubus live at the big dome! 5 best answers each get a pair of tickets!!!

thank you kay Minute Maid para sa tickets! Yey!!!

multiple-headed giraffe beside a gigantic mole…


Now, I invite you to participate in this project! What kind of shape or scene can you form with this dark cloud?

I thought this looks like a crevasse with massive amounts of water gushing in it. 

not to mention, it was a great prelude to pin’s birthday.
happy birthday pin. we love you! <3 


I drew flowers because I thought drawing flowers would be easy and quicker. I thought it’d fill a lot of space too, but I took a million years to finish my bit. I  wanted to draw a face because I got jealous of everyone else, but I wasn’t able to do so. I did eventually enjoy drawing the flowers though. Czarina, by the way, did a great job tying everything together somehow. She balanced the colors, put the tiny flowers and fairies as well as made some sort of movement thingy with the flowers’ stems.

Again, thanks, everyone! 

I hope I took photos of Val and Bea as well. -_- Next time.

first of the many art jams!


The art jam/meet pushed through last Saturday. Though we did encounter quite a few problems such as transportation issues, people not actually meeting since some were late and a couple of my girls didn’t make it, we managed to finish something. Nax! 

I am hoping to do this regularly, perhaps every two months and, hopefully, with more people. Originally, I was good with just a handful, but I am starting to see the beauty of having about ten or more converge to make art and/or just have fun, and we need not be friends before the meet. I like the idea of getting to know strangers from their work. I like not having any expectations or expecting then being surprised.

Special note: I especially enjoyed meeting Bea Araneta, Valerie’s friend. I was nervous and feeling awkward at first, but she’s incredibly nice. Thank you for coming!

To be kept inside my handbag. Always.

To be kept inside my handbag. Always.

Sweet violet
Sweeter than the roses are red
Over and over and over again
Sweet violet

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Woke up with “Killer Queen” playing in my head.

Woke up from a dream. Let me recount from fragments remembered… I was with my “team”. We all slept in the same room, and dreamt the same dream. Typical dreaming in a dream type of dream. I expressed my astonishment (re: strange same-dream phenomenon), but I was dismissed with nonchalance. I flirted with drummerboy. Minay and Aries snickered behind my back. I hid under our two-legged dining table. Then a carpenter showed me an empty sardines can with tuna bits inside.

I wonder if drummerboy, Aries, Minay and the carpenter had the same dream as mine.

8/24 = 3.
Approximately a third of our lives, we spend dreaming.

She’s a Killer Queen. I’m fixated with song about a high-end prostitute. I’m fixated with this band, thanks Az.

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